About Us


Our Church Leaders and Members


Pastor: Rev. Zsolt Otvos
Consistory Officers:

George Dozsa, Chief Elder
Frank Facchini, English Vice Chief Elder
Éva Cseh, Hungarian Vice Chief Elder
Paul Bodo, Treasurer
John Czifra, Consistory Secretary
Consistory members
Robert Kovács, Irén Ruschák-Kelemen,
Liz Toth Scott Kunz, Zsuzsa Németh,
Sarah Mozgai, Steven Sliwka, Anna Varga, Mária Vaskó, Julianna Zombori

Our church is organized and operated by a dedicated group of leaders: the pastor, consistory officers, consistory members, committee chairs and members, organization presidents and members. They all seek to serve our community with compassionate attention.

The consistory holds meetings every second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm from September to June. If you have any questions or suggestions to the consistory, please call the Pastor at least one week before the next consistory meeting.

Secretary: Judit Doszpoly
Choir Director-Organist: Hsin-Yi Tsai
Leader Singer: Ildikó Rozs
Custodian: Péter Bíró










WE BELIEVE, that all Creation exists by the Will of God.
WE BELIEVE, people are meant to enjoy a living relationship of trust with God the Creator.
WE BELIEVE, that the essential nature of God is love that reaches out to men and women inviting them back into a relationship with God.
WE BELIEVE, God's love was made incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ, and through his life, death and resurrection, God won for us the victory over sin and death and provided the way for our relationship with God to be restored.
WE BELIEVE, that each person is free to accept or reject God's offer of redemption and new life in Christ. Being reconciled with God through Christ is a matter each individual must consider for himself or herself.
WE BELIEVE, that the church is the family of believers, all at various stages in the Christian journey, but united in the desire to live for Christ and do the Will of God as it has been revealed in Christ.
WE BELIEVE, that the Bible is the record of God's revelation to us. It is our authority for faith and practice.
WE BELIEVE, that Christ will come again as he promised, to establish God's perfect rule and the end to all suffering.

You can read more about our faith in the Second Helvetic Confession and in the Heidelberg Catechism
Helvetic Confession

Heidelberg Catechism